Manuscript 2

D.K. Sharma and M.K. Byrski

Manuscript was given to Professor Maria Krzysztof Byrski (Professor of Oriental Philology, Ambassador of Poland to India in the years 1993-96, at present emeritus professor in the Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Warsaw) by Dinesh Kumar Sharma (man of vast knowledge in Hindi literature; had great library and often made gifts in the form of rare books or manuscripts to his friends). At present the manuscript is in private collection of Andrzej Babkiewicz.

Manuscript was written on sheets of paper (17,5 cm wide and 10cm high) with double golder border, not complete. There is neither title page nor colophon so it is difficult to ascertain the date of writting. It begins with the verses for contemplation on the text (dhyānam).  Manuscript contains 36 numbered sheets, on the preserved excerpts there are the following verses:
– BhG 1.1 – 1.43;
– BhG 2.17 – 2.27;
– BhG 10.8 – 10.12;
– BhG 13.27 – 17.27;
– BhG 18.21 – 18.37.